B.I Pro X Series Tower

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CALL TO ORDER ONLY: The Barefoot International Pro X Series Tower is completely universal and the only one constructed of stainless steel making it the strongest and most durable tower on the market. The Quick Release pins are user friendly and make stowing and setup of the tower a simple task. Just pull six pins and the tower folds down entirely allowing an easier fit into your garage and lift. This tower offers exclusive overhead crossbar engineering which locks it in and makes it as rigid as a factory installed tower. The crossbars of the tower act as an integrated board rack that will store anything from a slalom ski to a wake surf board. Classic swoop style looks great on any boat. Board pads included.

  • Only stainless steel adjustable wakeboard tower build strong enough to pull tubes
  • Adjusts to fit any boat
  • Folds down as low as the windshield
  • Board pads on overhead crossbars double as a board rack and provide shade when loaded with skis & boards

W2923 - Pro X Series Crossbar Tower

W2934 - Pro X Series Deck Boat Crossbar Tower


TIP: Keep a small tube of clear silicone grease in the boat and apply a light coat to the hitch pins on a regular basis. This will help with installation and removal of the pins.


1 Review

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    awesome tower

    Posted by Michael on 28th Apr 2016

    This doesn't compare to any other tower I have seen. It is outstanding in quality and adjustability. All parts are neatly packaged and well protected for shipment. Installation directions are satisfactory however there was a phone number for support written multiple times within the paperwork and they seemed to encourage you to call before starting the install. I sent an email just asking for pointers and was responded to with a call back.

    This was the first tower I have personally installed however I did a lot of research on other towers before I purchased this one. I watched several installation videos and the BI is no more difficult, possibly less difficult, to install than the others I considered.

    The BI very universal...almost to the point I struggled to figure out which way I wanted to mount it.

    I assembled the tower upside down by myself and adjusted it to fit where I planned to install the mounts. Sitting it up in the boat is a chore without at least 3 people....I only had myself and one other. 4 guys would be best. After sitting on the boat (on rags to prevent damage) I completed the install alone. Overall assembly and installation took about 8 hours. I'm pretty sure you could cut that nearly in half with help depending on your boat. I had to remove the driver seat and both side panels to get to the under side of the gunnels.

    Allen wrenches and a 1/2" bit are included. In addition I used a cordless drill, tape measure, painters tape, 3/4" wrench, 5/16" wrench (to turn the 5/16" Allen wrench), 1/8" bit, packet of anti-seize and a sharpie. I would suggest BI include the anti-seize. Most people don't have that in their toolbox.

    Overall I'm very satisfied and glad I chose the BI. It's worth the extra $$.

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