The World Barefoot Center Proshop is pleased to announce our new rewards program...






FOOTNOTES will be offered at different times throughout the year with various thresholds for earning them.


To kick it off, we are making it super easy to rack up the FOOTNOTES.

From now until October 31st each time you make a qualifying purchase at our online proshop you will earn FOOTNOTES that can be used as savings for your next online purchase.




twenty-final.pngSpend $150 or more and receive a $20 FOOTNOTE





Spend $300 or more and receive a $50 FOOTNOTE 






Spend $500 or more and receive a $100 FOOTNOTE









Each FOOTNOTE has a unique code in the upper left-hand corner





Just enter the code in the coupon box at check-out, and enjoy your savings!





Limitations and Exclusions

  • FOOTNOTES have no cash value
  • FOOTNOTES expire 120 days after they are issued
  • Only one FOOTNOTE can be used on each order
  • Purchases made using FOOTNOTES do not qualify for earning additional FOOTNOTES
  • FOOTNOTES must be entered at the time of order. We cannot apply FOOTNOTES after an order has been placed
  • FOOTNOTES cannot be used on clearance merchandise, closeouts, used gear, or certain sale items
  • The unique code on your FOOTNOTE can only be used once. If the value of your FOOTNOTE exceeds the total of your order, any remaining balance will be forfeited
  • FOOTNOTES reduce the cost of the items in your cart by their value. You may still be liable for taxes and shipping cost even if the FOOTNOTE's value is greater than that of the items in your cart







How will I receive my FOOTNOTE?

On most orders they will go out in the same package as your items. For drop-shipped orders, they will be delivered separately.


What can I do if I lose my FOOTNOTE? 

Don't lose your FOOTNOTE! While FOOTNOTES have no cash value, treat them just like cash. 


What does it mean they have no cash value?

While we love it when our customers and students spread our name around, the WBC claims no responsibility if you try to drop a "Small" to pay for dinner.


Speaking of David, how was it determined who would appear on which denomination? 

We drew straws. Ben Groen actually had the longest straw, but being the consummate gentleman he is, he deferred to David.  


How come I can only use one FOOTNOTE per order?

Short answer: Software limitations   Longer answer: The only thing we like better than 'footin is paying our bills.







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