Men's WBC Eagle Team USA 2018 Edition Suit

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It's a BAREFOOT WORLDS YEAR!! We are celebrating with a release of the WBC Team USA 2018 Edition Barefoot Suit. Preorder yours now!! 


Eagle's reputation for manufacturing the highest quality wetsuits with cutting edge designs is unequaled in the market.

Every suit Eagle produces comes with a set of common features that barefooters of all level look for in a top end suit.

The full wrap flotation Eagle Bird of Prey suit include:

  • Eagle's "Ultimate Barefoot Padding System" - Wrap around 15mm front, back and butt padding.
  • Additional padding designed to protect a skier's rib cage
  • Reinforced crotch and impact zones
  • Stainless steel drain holes
  • Ultra stretch inks
  • Lycra butt neoprene overlay for longer and smoother slides and tumbles (on selected suits)
  • Industrial threads strength
  • Made in USA