B.I Deluxe Straight Boom

B.I Deluxe Straight Boom

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The Deluxe Straight Boom (B200) fits inboard and outboard competition ski boats with a side windshield forward of a non-tapered pylon.

Product Number: B200

I have used my 30 years of experience and training to personally design each of the Barefoot International booms without compromising safety. They are all built to stay strong and won’t damage your boat. For added safety, our booms utilize a dual stainless steel cable system that runs all the way to the attachment point at the bow. There are no levers or moving parts in my clamp designs because they can loosen or break during use. The clamps for each boom are extremely strong with heavy duty hardware to ensure they remain mounted firmly to the pylon. They also have a quick release pin which makes it easy to attach and remove the boom. Other companies use inferior designs such as a single cable system or straps which will wear out or even worse, entirely fail… I have seen it happen. By purchasing a Barefoot International boom you are guaranteeing that you have the highest quality, strongest, and without a doubt, safest boom on the market. - Mike Seipel

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