Barefoot Waterskiing At The World Barefoot Center!!

Posted by Carter Boerman on on 9th May 2020

My dad grew up on the water, and his parents had a lake house on Paddock Lake in Wisconsin. He immediately got me into skiing, and when I was six years old he put me on a swing on the boom and I glided along the water. It was one of the best feelings in the world, I was ecstatic. I mostly worked on learning how to ski and wakeboard, until my parents felt I was strong enough to barefoot. I became more passionate about the sport and my family eventually bought a lake house 10 houses away from my grandparents, and we came up every weekend and went skiing.

I first barefooted long line at 9 years old with my dad. I developed my passion for barefooting after my first trip to the World Barefoot Center (WBC) in December of 2017. My dad and I spent an entire day at the WBC. It was 40 degrees outside and the water was freezing cold, but I still had a great time skiing! I convinced my parents to let me go again for Spring break. By September of 2018, I was going almost every month to the WBC. Fall of 2018 was when I knew that I wanted to compete in barefoot waterskiing. I started training hard and learning new tricks. I went to my first tournament at the PGA Season Opener in Florida this past April. In June my dream came true when I became a WBC sponsored skier. This summer my family and I moved up full time to our lake house and I go skiing every day I can. My goal for 2019 is to qualify for The Barefoot Worlds in 2020.