Foot Sticker - White

Foot Sticker - White

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The Foot Sticker is 6 inches in length. The Foot also comes in two different color options - White or Black.

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    Great foot sticker!

    Posted by James Melter on 23rd Jun 2015

    This is a great sticker. I figured out how to install it but some directions probably would have saved me some time and may prevent others from destroying their sticker before it is adhered. Basically one side of the backing had to be peeled back and then the whole adhesive side with foot sticker on it should be placed face down onto the surface where sticker is desired to be placed. Then slowly peel away the sticky backing being careful to ensure foot sticker pieces stay on the desired surface. After, use a blunt object like a screwdriver handle or even just your fingernail to rub the foot sticker to remove any tiny air bubbles from it or to ensure it is adhered properly to the surface. Voila! You're now showing off your inner barefoot junkie!