NEW Barefoot Sleeveless Iron Suit

NEW Barefoot Sleeveless Iron Suit

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Barefoot Sleeveless Iron Suit (500-XX-24)

The Barefoot International Iron suits were designed with input from 6-time World Champion Mike Seipel to offer icy smooth glide for deep starts and surface tricks without sacrificing comfortability. All Iron suits have thick flotation padding for glide/protection, and double glued for durability. The short sleeve version has added sleeves the length of a standard t-shirt.

  • New conforming shape for waste area
  • New pattern to maximize stretch and usability
  • New incorporated color designs
  • 19mm foam flotation laminated on 1 side
  • Doubled the flotation in the groin area.
  • 3mm piece of Black neoprene glued to the flotation
  • Screen printed white logo
  • Double stitched seams
  • Manufactured in the USA

Important: If you need to return the wetsuit it must not be worn in water, it must still have the tags and be able to be sold as new. If not then the warranty will be void. 

This is NOT to be used as a coast guard approved flotation device.

Tips/Tricks and Sizing Info:

  • We recommend a break-in period of 10 uses. Like a pair of shoes, the suit will conform to your body as you continue using it
  • DO NOT use the soft neoprene sections of the suit to pull it on or off. We recommend using the shoulder/arm areas that are reinforced with nylon
    • For competition skiers who may wear a size down or a very tight-fitting suit intentionally, it may be easiest to put on standing in waist or chest deep water
  • See size chart by clicking the “size charts” tab on this webpage