WBC Ergo Back Toe Handle by Masterline

WBC Ergo Back Toe Handle by Masterline

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The WBC Proseries Back Toe Handle by Masterline is one of the World Barefoot Center's most POPULAR products! This WBC x Masterline back toe handle features the curved bar design, making the grip and the pull the most comfortable you can get as a Barefoot Waterskier. Our WBC Proseries Back Toe handles are made with the Spectra rope material to guarantee your handle is made with the most durable rope in the barefoot world. WBC and Masterline teamed up to design these handles and they are used by the World's Best Tournament Barefooters!

Features include:

  • 21" bar bent to 15" length
  • Ergo bent ends for better grip and less handle roll.
  • 5ft (1.5M) bridle length handle section.
  • The bridle is completely enclosed in tubing for protection and comfort.
  • Extra durable stiff nylon tubing for rigid design and lasting wear.
  • 2 smaller diameter 9" floats for less water resistance.
  • Thicker nylon/neoprene toe strap for comfort.
  • Designed for back toe starts.
  • Made in America with our best zero stretch Spectra Fusion line.

All Masterline water ski handles are MADE IN THE USA.

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