Women's WBC Eagle Dreamcatcher Suit - DEMO (Size 10)

Women's WBC Eagle Dreamcatcher Suit - DEMO (Size 10)

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Here's your chance to grab a nearly new suit at a substantial discount. 

  • This World Barefoot Center x Eagle Barefoot Suit is made exclusively for women. The Barefoot suit’s custom design ensures a better and more contoured fit for all the amazing women skiers in the world. You can always stay comfortable while repping the best Women's Barefoot Waterskiers in the world.

    All women's World Barefoot Center x Eagle barefoot suits are loaded with top level features found on the men's models:

    • Upper body 15mm Expanded Coverage Split Flotation (full wrap also available)

    • Total coverage 15mm butt and lower leg padding

    • Same tough performance, but with a design specifically tailored for the female barefooter.

    • Reinforced crotch and impact zones

    • Stainless steel drain holes

    • Ultra stretch inks

    • Industrial threads strength

    • Made in USA

Pre-owned suits are sold as-is with no warranties and no exchanges.